I partnered with the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival for three years, consistently exceeding expectations with comprehensive visual design solutions. This included poster art, program booklets, social media assets, and video content, all tailored to their unique needs.
Year VI | 2021
Event Program Design

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Year IV | 2018
Select Spreads from the 8.5" X 11" Program

Back Cover: Full-page ad for director Paul Feig, a major sponsor of the 2018 Artemis Film Festival. Feig personally approved this design.

Front Cover: My original pitch featured white text for better readability, but the client opted for this embossed treatment, demonstrating their hands-on approach.

Film Festival Program Honoree page spread: The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival IV | 2018

Honoree spread from the 2018 Artemis Women in Action Film Festival program (one of two designed).

2018 Artemis Honoree, Ming-Na Wen, with my poster art at the 2018 Artemis Awards Gala.

Film Festival Program page spread: The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival IV 2018

In response to the client's specific requirements, I incorporated a distinctive thick colored line to encapsulate the screening block, effectively delineating it from other elements. The fluidity of the copy was intentionally crafted to allow for seamless layout adjustments, accommodating frequent pagination changes necessitated by unforeseen additions such as advertisements.

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